Michael Feeney

Michael qualified from Leeds Beckett University with a Masters degrees in Osteopathy. He spent years working as a structural Osteopath in Nottinghamshire before moving to Beeston and opening Beeston Osteopathy.

He enjoys treating patients of all ages and conditions and likes to fully explain to patients their diagnosis and help them to understand why their symptoms have presented. This enables the patient to take control of their pain and manage their symptoms and ensure the fastest recovery. He believes exercise is a key component to a pain free life and likes to prescribe patients tailor made exercises for them to do outside of treatments.

Michael Feeney, Beeston Osteopathy

Michael has a passion for almost all sport and specialised particularly in athletics. Because of his sporting background, he has a particular expertise in running, weightlifting and gym training and has worked with many patients to enable them to train effectively and safely pain free. But he equally has great success treating all patients from different backgrounds with a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions.

Michael’s treatments usually include a full biomechanical assessment and then a combination of soft tissue massage and stretch techniques, joint mobilisation and also joint manipulation techniques when appropriate, all with an aim of restoring the body to its normal function.