See what some of our patients have said about their experience at Beeston Osteopathy.

Wendy K

“I am an experienced athlete and recently competed, for Great Britain, in the European Masters Athletics Championships in the 5000m and 10k race walks, picking up a bronze team medal.  Had I not have received treatment from Michael – I would not even have travelled to Italy – let alone competed.  I was diagnosed with sciatica some time ago, and this flairs up every now and again and has not been brilliant for the last couple of years.  Michael has been very thorough in his examinations and the treatments I have received have enabled me to continue to train and more importantly compete.  Thank you Michael – without my regular appointments – I would not be in the great shape I’m in now.  You really have been a godsend.  Cannot recommend Beeston Osteopathy highly enough.”

Wendy - Beeston Osteopathy Testimonial

Mark H

Mark first came to clinic following a bike crash in which he landed almost upside down onto his upper shoulders and neck. After investigations to ensure he hadn’t done significant damage to his neck, he received a short course of treatment which quickly resolved his symptoms and got him back on his bike. He sometimes finds new ways to injure different areas, but he always comes back to clinic to get himself pain free again. 

Hear mark explain his story in his own words in the video.

Dee J

“I have had chronic back problems for a few years now and the treatment that Michael has given has been very effective.   He is very good at coming back to you even out of hours and has always managed to fit me in  whenever I have needed emergency treatment.  My daughter has also been treated here and we both highly recommend Michael  without a doubt. Thank you Michael.”

Rachel S

“Thank you for relieving my chronic back pain, I would highly recommend Michael as he understands the root of the problem and fixes you far better and quicker than painkillers.  Within a week my back is very much back to normal :)”

Alex A

“Absolutely brilliant. Spent 6 months unable to walk and within a few weeks Beeston Osteoathy fixed me. Would recommend to anyone.”

Jamie P

Michael fixed my back problem in one sitting! I had an issue caused by bad posture causing pain in my shoulder blae and surrounding area. After some adjustments and recommended exercises the pain went within a week! Very impressed and highly recommend.”